How to use Vim with Firefox

Posted by Swaroop C H on April 26, 2006 Filed under: tech, vim

If you're a Vim user like me, you would've wished many a time that you could use Vim to edit text in Firefox. Too bad, the Mozex extension doesn't work anymore.

Thanks to Samuel Wright, I have now discovered another way to achieve the same - using the ViewSourceWith extension.

I have put up the set of steps on my wiki on how to use Vim to edit text in Firefox. The wiki page is no longer available. Please refer the Official ViewSourceWith FAQ instead.

Note : This works only for plain text entries. It will not work for rich text formatting options such as GMail or Yahoo! Mail compose page.


Viju says:

For a second, I was wondering what does the soap powder have to do with a web browser?!

Swaroop says:

@Viju : LOL! :mrgreen:

Ken says: does not exist

Swaroop says:

@Ken, The wiki page was "lost in transition", so please kindly refer the Official ViewSourceWith FAQ


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