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An OS in the browser

16 Jun 2005

Somebody in the internal lists pointed out to this - A whole Unix-like OS that runs in your browser.

That is just incredibly crazy.

Try vi. It works.


BPrior says:

Your link to this incredible Unix Os in a browser didn't work for me.

Joseph Borkowski says:

That is because this OS was Slashdotted, as evidenced here: http://developers.slashdot.org/developers/05/06/16/1212215.shtml?tid=130&tid=108

niara ahmed says:

Neither did it for me .
: (

Sudar says:

Swaroop, i think the link is broken.It would be nice if you could give us the correct link.

Swaroop says:

As Joseph mentions, the site might be inaccessible because of the [slashdot effect](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slashdot_effect).

On the other hand, it is still working here but that's probably because of Firefox's cache :)

AcousticKitty says:

It worked for me! Wow! I am still learning the basics, this will give me a great place to learn Vi.
Swaroop, I am enjoying your blog! The Wordpress Theme is very nice. : )


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