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Posted by Swaroop C H on April 17, 2005 Filed under: python, tech

After much thought, I am switching over to TextDrive for my websites. The facilities at TextDrive are simply fabulous - from top-notch hardware to software such as Subversion, Ruby on Rails, and Python CGI; and best of all, an excellent bunch of hard-working guys there along with a vibrant community. Of course all this comes at a cost ;) but it's worth it.

I also upgraded my blog to WordPress 1.5. It is running on PHP5. Woohoo! :) The only thing I'm missing is my old theme which didn't work well when I upgraded to WP1.5, so I had to ditch it. After going through the themes gallery, I picked the award-winning Connections theme and modified it to my liking.

The time gap between my signing up with TextDrive to moving my blog to over there, upgrading to WP1.5, doing customizations and switching DNS addresses to the new location was all done in flat 16 hours!

On a different note, I want to convey my special thanks to Dr Mutha of who provided my (free) hosting till now :) If you write good articles and in need of a good host, then take a look at AIPPG's Free Hosting details and contact Dr Mutha. Please be prudent in your writing *.

Also, I'll be moving to TextDrive soon but I want to actually use Python for that website. So, I'm starting off by reading PyWebOff, although I have a strong recommendation of Nevow by Sridhar.

I'd be grateful if I can get some pointers to actual websites using any of these plethora of tools.

* I am not affiliated with AIPPG nor with Dr Mutha. I am just a happy user of their services. Please contact them directly for any communication.


srid says:

Nevow users.

julian says:

let us know how you go with nevow and what you think.

i had a quick look around a fortnight ago with nevow but then the whole twisted web framework thing turned me off.

right now i'm just doing pretty simplified (but hugely productive) stuff with html templating using PyMeld (I guess you could use HTMLTemplate too) and the CGI module. it gives you the Python code/ HTML code abstraction.

before that had a read of the cheetah documentation but that just felt wrong to me.

Ankit says:

> "On a different note, I want to convey my special thanks to Dr Mutha of who provided my (free) hosting till now :) If you write good articles and in need of a good host, then take a look at AIPPG’s Free Hosting details and contact Dr Mutha. Please be prudent in your writing *."


Pooya says:

Isn't TextDrive too expensive? While with 70$/month you can get a dedicated server from 1and1 and install everything you want on it, paying 40$/month for 2Gb storage (only as a user) seems not worth the price to me.

swaroop says:

@Sridhar: Thanks

@Julian: Thanks for your quick notes :) I'll get back to you on Nevow, I hope I don't end up doing another PyWebOff ;)

@Ankit: Good luck

@Pooya: TextDrive is expensive, although I'm nowhere in the 70$ range, more like the 25$ range :) ... in that range, I found TextDrive the most appealing.

Ankit says:

Can I have the email of the person I need to email to to get the free hosting ???

Swaroop C H says:

Ankit: It is listed on that page I have mentioned.

Ian Bicking says:

WSGIKit! Well, it's young, but the Webware framework that is available on top of it is old. Huh... neither young nor old sounds like a compliment. I think one of the best attributes of it will be the fact you won't have to buy into a framework at all (and WSGIKit itself isn't a framework, just a framework for frameworks).

JD says:

Yes, TextDrive is expensive.

I am tired of my web hosting provider Actually how about getting a server from 1and1 between say you,me and Pooya (I don't know if he would be interested). This way, per head cost would be lot less and we can experiment with all the cool, fun stuff.

What say?

Vigvg says:

Nice layout... like the little comment preview thingie too... Tried K2 for the layout ? I think its default with WP1.5 ?

vivek says:

I could contribute some as I was talking to Swaroop the dreamer, but only if he agrees!


Ankit says:

@ Swaroop: Vivek contacted me for the hosting ! thanks :)

btw can you disable the 'preview' extension? it makes my typing horribly slow. the comments i type show up atleast 2 -5 seconds late on the window I am typing :( and no i am not talking about the preview window

vivek says:

I personallty do not feel anything slow on my 2.8 HT 256 Ram machine....

Swaroop C H says:

@Ankit: It seems fine on my 667 MHz home computer ?

@Vigvg: I'm sick of seeing K2, I just _had_ to use some other theme! :)

@JD, Vivek: I proposed a virtual server with my friends but it didn't work out since it was only 3 of us - [Pradeep](, [Avinash]( and myself. I'll ask them about it and find out what they think.

My problem is that I've already paid for TxD, I don't think I can afford another hosting :|

swaroop says:

@Ian: Thanks for the info! I'll check out WSGIKit :)

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