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The Job Spool

10 Mar 2005

Today, I got a job offer in my inbox from ... err, let's just say a well known company. They say some quite interesting things like "We have received your profile through one of our employees and find that it matches some of the openings we have with us. These openings are in our Imaging & Printing Group Development Center" and then they say that the job profile has to do with printer drivers for Windows and hardware design! How the heck did my profile match that?

Anyway, I still can't make out whether this is just spam or it is for real ; although, there is a telephone number, address and all that.

However, I'm not looking for a change. The job profile would have to be something really mindblowing for me to even consider a change from Yahoo!. If any recruiter is reading this, please see what Ted Leung says to recruiters, the same 4 points apply to me. Thank you.


Swaroop C H says:

Philip: He probably [wouldn't call back just like dheeraj_vp][1] anyway :lol:

[1]: http://www.livejournal.com/users/shankerbalan/34840.html

Philip says:

Why not call that guy and tell him that you are not interested in the job, but you will fix their profile matching software for Rs.3000/- an hour.

Swaroop C H says:

Anand: I just have a hunch about this. I could be completely off-target though.

Swaroop C H says:

And they say that Python doesn't get you a job ;)

Anand says:

Hmmmm... Are you telling me that me and Swaroop got this mail cuz of the "Python factor" ? Then it is certainly very interesting!

Pradeep says:

Swankydreamz was offering 'Financial' domain... So, it cannot be the 'other company' :)

Anand says:

Hi Swaroop

I also got the same mail from the same person yesterday.
I checked him out and the person is real. He works for that company as HR :-)

Btw, I got it at around 9:40 in the night. I checked out that company's website and they do have openings in the Imaging & Printer group!


Anand says:

I actually meant 'tHat comPany', not 'that company' :-)


Swaroop C H says:

That's interesting Anand, do you think it has anything to do with [swankydreamz][1] ?

[1]: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BangPypers/message/506

Anand says:

I read that one! Really Hilarious! I think for this one we should charge more, say 5K per hour? His software has some serious flaws!

Ramdas says:

I am stunned since I do not have an updated CV for past 2-3 years, and I have never forwarded the CV to anyone and above all, my CV never will match the openings they look for. This is serious spam

Swaroop C H says:

I guess we can conclude that they have spammed all the BangPypers ?

Anand says:

I did not know that Ramdas also got it. Pradeep what abt you?
It does look like a BangPyper spam.

Sriram says:

I got the same mail too - I was wondering why anyone would want to contact me about printing and imaging..I hardly know anything about that

Premshree Pillai says:

Heh, I got the same offer today. :D


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