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Python meetup in Bangalore tomorrow

21 Jan 2005

There's a Python meetup at Ebony Restaurant, Bangalore tomorrow at 7.30 pm. Please do join if you are interested.

Anand Pillai has taken up the initiative for the gathering. Details of the venue are as follows:

Barton Center is a prominent building on M.G Road a few yards after Higgin Bothams & Indian Coffee House, when you walk from the Brigade road end towards Cubbon Park end. It has a fast food joint at the entrance , which is busy most of the time. In case you come early, please wait there. However do remember to walk up towards Ebony by about 7:15 - 7:30 pm. Ask the hotel staff for the tables reserved by Anand Pillai.

Stuff that's gonna happen:

8 people (including me) have already RSVPed ; Pradeep and Premshree are coming as well.

This is gonna be a fun evening. See you there!


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