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12 Jan 2005

According to FeedBurner, Bloglines owns one-third of the RSS market. All hail Bloglines!

Bloglines is a website where you can subscribe to blogs and any RSS or Atom feed and when new stories are posted, you can read them from Bloglines. You won't have to visit every website to read their latest stories. There are many other feed aggregators and ways of reading feeds from Live Bookmarks in Firefox to GUI software such as SharpReader. More info on aggregators are at Wikipedia.

I personally use Bloglines and find it very intuitive and easy to use. Some of the features I like about it are:

Phew! That's quite a list of features. I think most emphasis has to be on the usability of Bloglines - somehow it feels so natural for me to use Bloglines. I am very picky to say such things about websites because there are so many things that could annoy you.

Best feature of all? Use it once and read anywhere. I usually read blogs at home but sometimes I'd like to read stuff at work when I'm bored or just waiting for a program to finish running. That's the advantage of a web-based tool like Bloglines. Yahoo! and Bloglines are the two websites that are always open in my browser.

The only thing that really worries me about Bloglines is how're they making dough? I mean, Bloglines is supposed to be a business after all, and I see all these great features and yet no ads of any sort or any paid 'plus' model either. I should actually be happy about that but I'm worried that they'll do something nasty later on. Please don't mistake this for FUD, I really love Bloglines and I'm going to keep using it - I just want to know how it's going to survive.

However, let that not get in your way, just try Bloglines - you'll really like it.


Sridhar R says:

Client app for linux?

JD says:

For me, the fact that my subscriptions are in sync whether I access them from Work/Home, is a winner. Earlier, I used to use NewsGator in Outlook which means that if I were to access same feed from home/office, I will to sync read items manually.

Though lately I am looking at FeedDemon (the current beta version) as it is a true Windows program, and it uses Bloglines to sync your subscriptions, it means best of both the worlds!


Swaroop C H says:

Hey JD,

That's a really neat application of Bloglines! Don't know how I missed it but thanks for letting me know. I can't try out FeedDemon because my work comp is a Fedora Box but I still have Bloglines nonetheless :D

Pramod says:

Wow! reads better than any Bloglines ad ;)
I shifted from Bloglines 'cos I generally like rich clients and am not a browser person. And about accessing from more than 1 computer..I do a quick glance of all articles at the office in knode, and file away interesting ones in delicious for later use. I guess my usage pattern is not conventional ;)
And hey, did you try nntprss?

Swaroop C H says:

Hey Pramod,
Thanks! I always thought I'd be a bad marketing guy, but apparently not ;).

Actually, your way is not quite that different. I do bookmark long-but-yet-interesting articles on del.icio.us but sometimes I just use the 'Keep New' feature in Bloglines - it's just so much simpler for me.

And yes, I've used nntp/rss , actually [Avinash](http://www.livejournal.com/users/aathitude/) has set it up on his comp so that any yahoo can access their favorite feeds from a local box - for one, it saves bandwidth. However, I heard you can get latest stories via email as well. I haven't tried that feature yet but that is a lot easier for those yahoos who use mutt or other console email clients...

Somehow, I prefer the browser interface, I don't know why but I do. So, I stick with Firefox and Bloglines for now :)

JD says:


Even I am rich client guy and that is why I am currently evaluting FeedDemon.

The beta version of FeedDemon can optionally use Bloglines for your channel groups and if you read an item which is read in FeedDemon, it is read in Bloglines as well! Pretty neat! Check it out.

And if you are using Outlook, then NewsGator provides similar functionality.


Swaroop C H says:

Hey Sridhar,

I have heard [Akregator](http://akregator.sourceforge.net/) is good. A whole bunch of aggregators for Linux are listed at [rss-specifications](http://www.rss-specifications.com/rss-reader-linux.htm) and [Wikipedia](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/News_aggregator).


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