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Yahoo YEP

25 Nov 2004

We, the Yahoos, are leaving for MGM Beach Resort in Chennai tonight to celebrate our Year End Party tomorrow! Lot of things to look forward to - games, beach, skits, music, cocktails, disco, antakshari in the bus, lots of fun!!

I'll be back on Saturday night with lots to update and photos as well (after all, I have to make full use of my new digicam :) )


Deepak says:

Hi Swaroop, thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great time at your year end party!

Swaroop says:

Sorry Sriram! I really wanted to stay for the weekend in Chennai and meet my closest buddy - Sudheer who had shifted to Chennai but I had to get back to Bangalore to prepare for my LB talk... I plan to come sometime in the coming months, looking forward to meeting you then!

Btw, technically I was never _in_ Chennai, I was at the resort the whole time ;)

Sriram says:

Grr..you were in Chennai and didn't attempt to call me?


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