Back at the GATE

Posted by Swaroop C H on March 15, 2004 Filed under: college-life, india

I logged in casually in the afternoon to check my mail and suddenly Yashwanth tells me that GATE results are out! Then Krishna was also online and told me he got 90 percentile. Congrats, dude!

The website wouldn't open for me as it was swamped with visitors, so, Krishna looked up the results for me. I got 97.13 percentile !!! I was more shocked than happy because I had a total of 3 hours of preparation for GATE during the whole year and I didn't expect a result like this :-). My rank is 993 out of 35019 who wrote the CS paper.

For the benefit of my non-Indian readers: GATE is the entrance examination for post graduate degrees in the science field in India. It is somewhat on the lines of GRE in USA.


yashwanth says:

why havent u mentined that there are only 100 seats (just joking)

Pradeep says:

Congrats! Dude...

vikranth says:

yeah , a great job of 3 hrs for 97%!


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